Throwback 2016


Hey guys and welcome back in the New Year 2017!

I hope you all had a great start to 2017 and celebrated it big and safe. I personally do not really celebrate New Year eves on the 31st December/1st January just because in Southeast Asia we have a different calendar and so I celebrate the Chinese and the Laotian New Year.

Anyways, I want to show in this blogpost what my highlights this year were. I think the biggest change was that I decided to start my own website/blog. It’s has been already 6 months when I posted my first blog entry. I still can’t believe that people are interested in my life and also follow me. At first I did not even expected that anyone would read my blog entries but you guys proved me the opposite. I want to thank you all for your support!

I want to show you the other highlights of 2016 in pictures (One big problem was that my phone just got stolen and I did not saved all my pictures extern but I hope you guys are okay with that:(


Ski vacation with my class:


Short hair:


EM 2016 in Paris: (6) 1 Germany – 1 (5) Italy


Summer vacation in Thailand and Laos:


Wedding of my cousin in France:



I hope that I can still inspire you guys in 2017! Have a great start and be grateful and blessed. I have big plans for this new year for you, so get excited (more fashion;).

xoxo Gina


P.S.: Besides, I have a new logo thanks to my dear friend Luka who will announce his new website/blog in the near future. I will put the link below this blog entry when it’s the time for. Best Christmas gift ever, thank you Luka.



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