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DIY Last-Minute Christmas Ideas


Hello and welcome back on my blog! As you might have noticed, nearly everyone is in the middle of preparations for Christmas. There are many types of people: ones are preparing the gifts weeks before xmas but also last minute shoppers. I am one of the prepper because I do not want to have stress but I still like to make DIY gifts. Handmade and with love made presents are another level compared with purchased gifts.

So, in this blog post I want to show you which DIY last minute xmas gift ideas I have in my mind.


  1. Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar

This gift is fast and easy to make. You usually have all ingredients already at home.

What you need:

  • Mason Jar (with or without a straw)
  • Recipe (mine)

Other recipes:

Cookie Mix in a Jar – recipes (EN)

Kuchen-Backmischungen im Glas – Rezept (DE)

The last thing you have to do is to write the next steps for the recipe down, fix it on the mason jar and wrap it nicely. That´s it! Fast, easy and made with love ❤



  1. Nicely wrapped (self-made-)sweets

Here a few links for easy making Christmas sweets:

45 Easy Christmas Biscuits (EN)

Schnelle und einfache weihnachtliche Rezepte (DE)

(If you really do not want to bake or you are bad at baking then buy ready-to-eat Christmas sweets. Whoever is going to get this gift is not going to be mad at you just because you did not made it by yourself but use the time instead to wrap it beautifully.)

The last step is to wrap it nicely. I used paper bags with golden prints because they look better than the plastic ones (and you can recycle them;). Stick the end with a Chtistmas sticker and there you have it!



So here you have it, two easy gifts you can make in the last minute. I hope I could give you some helpful tips!

I wish you all a merry and safe Christmas!


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