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Favourite Product of the Month


It is about time again to choose a favourite product of November. The decision was easy to made. I it is a series called “The Man in the High Castle”.

It shows you what parts of the world would look like if the Germans and Japanese people would have won the Second World War. It shows the US splitted in three parts: The west coast belongs to the Japanese, the Middle is the neutral zone and the east coast belongs to the Germans.

A lot of uprisings are happening and the government has to handle with it……


You can watch this series on amazon (Original amazon series). I just finished the first season and I have to say it is super interesting. I normally do not like these kind of series or movies about war and this stuff but they made a good job. The story is always interesting and you just cannot stop watching it.

I was so sad to hear that I have to wait until January when the second season airs on amazon (in the USA 16 Dec). I am so exited what will happen next.

So here, you have a little suggestion what you could watch in your nearly future or if you now look for a series, go for it!

Until next time!

Love Gina



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