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Coconut Oil Love

Hey guys and welcome back on my blog. Today I decided to write a post about a big obsession of myself. I am obsessed with coconut oil. Literally every one of my friends asked me about the products I use for my face and body. I am going to tell you here and now my secret.


First, how did I get to know coconut oil?

Well to be honest, I started using coconut oil three years ago for baking and cooking. For a healthy oatmeal cookie recipe I needed to buy coconut oil and that’s when I started to get in touch with it the very first time.

Some of you might think why I have not used it before because I am Asian. I grew up just using rape oil and olive oil because they are cheaper than this exotic one.

Coconutoil contains vitamin k and e. It also is a sunblocker. As you can see coconut oil has many pros.

Secondly, why do I love it so much and anyone else too?

That is very easy to answer. There are so many ways how to use this exotic oil: For cosmetic or the kitchen.


Cosmetic: Coconut oil is my every day and every night moisturizer for body and face.

I also use it as a make-up remover but also as an extra moisture for my eyes (under eye area).

Coconut oil is perfect for massages.

Works also perfectly as hair conditioner or hair masks.

Kitchen: Every time I have to use some kind of oil, I use coconut oil for cooking and for baking instead for rape oil for example.


(I will continue using coconut oil as long as I want to. I am not going to end this obsession just because it is not “trendy” anymore.)

So here you have it, my secret for my skin and a must have cooking/baking essential.


Till next time!

Have a great day!


Best wishes from Gina



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