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Cozy winter days

Hello folks, I am so sorry that I lately have not posted a blog entry. It has been very stressfull weeks at school so I wasn't able to shoot a lot. Anyways, today I want to show you how I style my big wool cardigan from esprit with my beloved shoes with straps from mango. The highlight… Continue reading Cozy winter days

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DIY Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

  Hello and welcome back on my blog! As you might have noticed, nearly everyone is in the middle of preparations for Christmas. There are many types of people: ones are preparing the gifts weeks before xmas but also last minute shoppers. I am one of the prepper because I do not want to have… Continue reading DIY Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

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Favourite Product of the Month

It is about time again to choose a favourite product of November. The decision was easy to made. I it is a series called “The Man in the High Castle”. It shows you what parts of the world would look like if the Germans and Japanese people would have won the Second World War. It… Continue reading Favourite Product of the Month


Favourite Product Of The Month

Hello everyone and welcome back on my website! Today I want to present you a new class on my blog. I want to show you at every end of a month what my favourite product was. It can be fashion, cosmetic, travelling but also from the media-/film field. For the month October, I chose the… Continue reading Favourite Product Of The Month

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Report to Thailand and Laos

Ich weiß ich bin ein bisschen spät dran, aber besser jetzt als nie. Also in diesem Blogpost möchte ich euch gerne meine Rückmeldung zu meiner Reise nach Thailand und Laos geben. Es war mittlerweile meine dritte Reise nach Thailand und die zweite nach Laos. Deswegen habe ich mich schnell an die Umgebung, Kultur und den… Continue reading Report to Thailand and Laos

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MQ Vienna Fashion Week

  In diesem Blogpost möchte ich euch gerne meine Meinung zur MQ Vienna Fashion Week geben.   Genau vor einer Woche habe ich eine Show bei der Fashion Week in Wien besucht, genauer gesagt die von der Modeschule Michelbeuern. Dieses Jahr hieß ihre Kollektion „Opposites attract“ die mir recht gut gefallen hat. Viele Trenchcoats und… Continue reading MQ Vienna Fashion Week